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Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane N. Golub

Director In-Store Marketing Programs


publix-deal-alertAleve PM is the first and only over-the-counter (OTC) PM product with the 12 hour pain relieving strength of Aleve plus a sleep aid so you can fall asleep easily and wake up with less pain.

The unique combination of naproxen sodium 220mg and diphenhydramine HCI 25mg in a two-pill dose helps those who suffer from occasional sleeplessness associated with pain.

Watch for the money saving Aleve PM FSI dates as the coupon values are all very high.  The December 14th FSI will feature a “Free 20 Count Offer” and Aleve PM will also have an FSI on January 04th!

Aleve PM for a better AM!  Look for Aleve PM in the Pain Relief section.


Packing a huge dose of vitamins and minerals into every calorie, Kale, Spinach, Collard and Mustard Greens are amongst the most nutrient dense “power house” vegetables.

Taylor Farms New “POWER GREENS” are pre-washed and recipe ready.  These Power Greens are an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K and easy to enjoy.

The “Get Juicing with Kale” is the perfect start for your morning smoothie or juice.

Leafy Greens Mix is a wonderful balance of Collard, Kale and Mustard Greens.  Toss in your salads or add to soups.  Leafy Kale, Spinach or Collard Greens are also great for salads or soups.  Kale and Spinach are excellent as a sauté with Garlic and Olive Oil.

Look for Taylor Farms “POWER GREENS” in the Produce Department.  Taylor Farms provides easy to follow and delicious recipes on each package for you to try and enjoy.

Written By: Elizabeth Barbone


For someone on a gluten-free diet, the Thanksgiving table can look like one large buffet of “do not touch.” However, with a little work and cooperation from family and friends, the meal can be something you’re truly thankful for.

First, let’s start with the good news!

Here’s a list of foods that are usually gluten-free:

  • Turkey (check with the producer to ensure that wheat-based gravy or stuffing hasn’t been added to the turkey.)
  • Cranberries and cranberry sauce
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • White Potatoes
  • Fresh, roasted, or steamed vegetables without sauce (sauces often contain wheat)
  • Brown, white, and wild rice (be sure they contain no sauces or wheat-based seasonings)
  • Chestnuts

Here are foods that usually contain gluten:

  • Vegetable dips
  • Salad dressing (many but not all pre-made salad dressings contain wheat)
  • Stuffing/dressing, including cornbread stuffing.
  • Gravy
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Pie Crusts
  • Any vegetable dish with a thickened sauce
  • Any dish containing soy sauce.

Dos and Don’ts of a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving—for a gluten-free eater (if you’re hosting someone on the gluten-free diet for Thanksgiving, there’s a list below for you, too!)

  • Do…call your host before Thanksgiving. Discuss your needs and how you plan on handling them.
  • Do…serve yourself first. If you aren’t bringing your own food, be sure to serve yourself before everyone else does. I know this sounds rude and selfish. However, it’s the only way to prevent potential cross-contact with gluten-filled foods.
  • Do…bring yourself something you love. If your host is unable to accommodate a part of the meal you love, such as rolls, bring them yourself.
  • Do…ask for brands and ingredients that will be used to prepare the Thanksgiving meal. Remind your host about “hidden gluten”–such as soy sauce or flouring cake pans or gluten in prepared foods.
  • Do…plan for the best but expect the worst. Even with the best planning things sometimes go wrong. Remember to ask questions before the meal. Thanksgiving is a hectic day and sometimes things can change at the last minute.
  • Do….familiarize yourself with dishes that might contain gluten so you’ll know to avoid them.
  • Don’t….serve yourself a dish with a “shared” serving spoon. If people are scooping wheat-based stuffing and then using that same scoop to serve Brussels sprouts, the vegetables are no longer gluten-free. Take care to avoid any food that has come in contact with wheat/gluten.
  • Don’t…forget about small amounts of gluten. If the gravy was thickened with “just a little” flour or the vegetables contain “just a little soy sauce” or the dessert contains “just a little” non-gluten-free oats, avoid them. Remember, gluten can be obvious and not-so-obvious. When in doubt, ask questions or skip the dish.
  • Don’t…cheat. It might be tempting to cheat but don’t. Your good health is worth staying on the gluten-free diet. By doing a little pre-planning, you can avoid gluten and enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Dos and Don’ts of a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving—for a non-gluten-free host

  • Do…talk to your guest about what you’re making. Talk about ingredients and brands that are safe, and not safe, for someone who eats gluten-free.
  • Do…understand that even a small amount of gluten can make someone sick. Your gluten-free guest isn’t trying to be picky. They are trying to stay healthy.
  • Do…prepare gluten-free foods first. After that prep is done, prepare foods made with wheat. Doing this limits the chances of cross contact with wheat occurring.
  • Do…keep gluten-free and gluten-filled food on separate ends of the table or buffet. If possible, use note cards to mark which foods are gluten-free and which are not.
  • Do…change things up a little. Perhaps prepare a naturally gluten-free rice stuffing or swap your pie crust for one that’s gluten-free. Lots of little changes make a big difference.
  • Don’t…assume a food/ingredient is gluten-free. Gluten can be found in unlikely places, like in prepared chicken broth. In the days before Thanksgiving, go over your shopping list and contact manufacturers with any questions about the gluten-free status of an ingredient.

To help with your meal, here are some gluten-free recipes for classic Thanksgiving dishes.

Gluten-Free Gravy

Gluten-Free Green Bean Casserole

15 Recipes for a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

We’ve got your dessert table covered!9gourmetapie

On Thanksgiving Day, some people look forward to the turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing the most.  But for the family members that are just counting down until the dessert table is set, we have all the sweetest sweets!

Filling your dessert table with a delightful selection is easy as pie.  Along with cakes, cupcakes, and an array of other treats, our bakery has delicious gourmet pie and cream pie offerings..Let our pies be the star of your dessert table this year!

Gourmet Pies

  • Apple
  • Apple Caramel Walnut
  • Raspberry
  • Very Berry

Cream Pies

  • Chocolate
  • Banana
  • Coconut

lemonsupremepieAnd don’t forget the lemon lovers in the crowd!  Our decadent lemon supreme pie starts with a classic, flaky crust.  Then it’s filled with a layer of cheesecake and a layer of lemon filling and topped with real whipped cream.  Stop into Market Bistro or your local Price Chopper Bakery Department today and discover the very best pies for your dessert table!

If you are looking for gourmet quality with a bake at home feel, stop by the in store bakery department where you can pick up any of our gourmet pies to bake at home. Your guests will be WOW’d when you pull these from your oven. Don’t worry, it can be our little secret ;)

By Justin George, PharmD, RPh. Pharmacy Resident, Price Chopper Supermarkets


It’s that time of year again, November is National Diabetes Month, a great time to think of diabetes and its impact on our healthcare system. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), there were 29.1 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the United States in 2012 or 9.3% of the population. In 2010, the number of diagnosed was 25.1 million people, representing 8.3% of the population. Over 8.1 million people are considered to be undiagnosed diabetics and 1.7 million new cases every year were being identified in 2012. Given these staggering statistics, diabetes has been the 7th leading cause of death since 2010. Research in March 2013 shows that $245 billion was the total cost of diabetes in 2012, compared with $174 million in 2010. It’s no surprise that a disease such as diabetes would have a huge impact on our healthcare system. People that have diabetes or want to prevent diabetes can turn to Price Chopper Pharmacy to help.

Medication adherence plays an important role in preventing long term complications from diabetes such as kidney damage, vision loss, and/or heart problems. One of the barriers involves cost of the medications. Though many oral diabetic medications are now generic, the copays can vary depending on your insurance plan and type of prescription coverage. Certain Medicare Part D beneficiaries enter what is known as the coverage gap, or commonly referred to as the “donut hole.” When patients enter this coverage gap, they have to may have to pay up to 50% of the cost of the medication until they reach another spending limit where coverage begins again. For these patients who have high copays, deductibles, are in the coverage gap, or living on a limited income, affording medications can be difficult. Fortunately, Price Chopper has a great Diabetes AdvantEdge program that can help.

The Diabetes AdvantEdge program offers great assistance to help patients with diabetes receive the best care to promote their health. With the RxAdvantEdge card and a prescription, you can also receive, glimepride, glipizide, glipizide XL, glyburide, metformin, and metformin ER are all available in select strengths at no cost. Free diabetic supplies include our Price Chopper diabetic lancets (100 lancets), insulin syringes, pen needles, Autolet lancing device, and GE Glucose Monitoring system for free! The test strips for the meter can be bought at a low price of $14.99 for a 50-count bottle. To participate in the Diabetes Program, all you need to do is sign up at any local pharmacy!  Stop by your local Price Chopper Pharmacy today to enroll in the program or receive more information!


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Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane N. Golub

Director In-Store Marketing Programs


Bertoli Olive Oil is now available in 51 oz. Bertoli Extra Virgin and 51 oz. Bertoli Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil.

Bertoli Extra Virgin Olive Oil is robust and fruity tasting – ideal for adding flavor to salads, marinades, topping pastas and dipping bread.

Bertoli Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil is mild and light tasting = ideal for high heat cooking, such as baking, sautéing and frying.  Yes, baking — its light aroma and taste, the Vitamin E makes cakes, brownies, breads and muffins turn out evenly textured and moist.  It’s a cholesterol-free substitute for butter or vegetable oil.

BUTTER/MARGARINE                                                    OLIVE OIL

1 teaspoon                                                                         3/4 teaspoon

1 Tablespoon                                                                     2-1/4 teaspoons

2 Tablespoons                                                                   1-1/2 Tablespoons

1/4 cup                                                                               3 Tablespoons

1/3 cup                                                                               1/4 cup

1/2 cup                                                                               1/4 cup + 2 Tablespoons

2/3 cup                                                                               1/2 cup

3/4 cup                                                                               1/2 cup + 1 Tablespoon

1 cup                                                                                  3/4 cup

Look for 51 oz. Bertoli Extra Virgin and Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil in the Olive Oil aisle.


Wonka brand has been dedicated to the art of producing fun, innovative high-quality confections for candy lovers.  Now a breakthrough innovation with proven international success has come to the US Market!  The Wonka Peel-A-Pop frozen snack launched in 2014.  It is the first ever peelable ice cream snack!

Unpeel a Wonka Peel-A-Pop and unpeel fun!

Choose from Vanilla Dessert Pops wrapped in Banana or Grape Gummy Peels – even the peel is delicious!  Every time you eat a Wonka Peel-A-Pop, you unpeel a whole world of whimsical Wonka fun!

Wonka Peel-A-Pop meets Nestle Nutritional Foundation (NF) guidelines for children (70 calories per p op).

Look for Wonka Peel-A-Pop in the Frozen aisle.

Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane N. Golub

Director In-Store Marketing Programs


  download              New to Alexia’s All-Natural lineup of delicious potato and onion products are the NEW BBQ Ribcut Sweet Potato Fries!  These “plank” style crinkle cut fries are the perfect canvas for the mouth-watering savory southern BBQ seasoning with a hint of cayenne pepper.

Crafted with the sweet potato skin left on, these are a simple, yet delightful balance of Alexia’s farm-to-table creativity and natural distinctive flavor.  Alexia makes them perfectly so you don’t have to – your taste buds won’t be able to say no!

Want restaurant quality onion rings at home without sacrificing the powerful crispness or sweet, savory onion flavor?  Look no further!  New this month, Red Robin Onion Rings deliver the restaurant experience at home!  Made from thick crunchy breading infused with Red Robin’s famous seasoning and sweet Spanish onions, this oven-baked snack is a perfect complement to your favorite char-broiled masterpiece!

Look for Alexia New BBQ Ribcut Sweet Potato Fries and Red Robin Onion Rings in the Frozen aisle.

Seasonal Brews!

If you’re looking for crowd pleasing brews to serve at your Holiday parties, look no further!  Our selection of craft and seasonal beers has something everyone will love.

prohibition-main (1)

This season, Labatt introduced two new flavors as part of their Prohibition Series. The two flavors, Bourbon Barrel Ale and Apple Harvest Ale, transport drinkers back to the era of smugglers and speakeasies!

One of our favorite craft beers, Magic Hat #9 is a dry, crisp and refreshing sidekick to any holiday meal!

The holiday season brings out the creativity in all of us- especially regional brewers crafting special ales and lagers for holiday feasts and celebrations.  The flavors of these festive releases are the perfect match for the decadent foods and overall merriment of the season, plus they make perfect gifts for your beer-loving friends.

Have you tried our Pick 6?  You can customize your own 6 pack at Price Chopper with your favorite brew, a seasonal variety you’d like to try  or a local craft beer!  We carry between 60-100 varieties of beer including the below favorites:

  • Sam Adams
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Blue Moon
  • Shock Top
  • Longtrail
  • Goose Island
  • Magic Hat552013_3


Our growlers complete your holiday celebration whether you’re hosting or attending a party!  If you live by our Market Bistro, Saratoga (Rt. 50), Malta or Bethlehem stores, stop by and see what’s on tap!


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