Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane N. Golub

Director In-Store Marketing Programs


Bing Beverage was developed by a Denver, Colorado husband-and-wife team and was introduced to the local market in 2007.  The concept was to first create a delicious beverage that people wanted simply for the taste.  Many people like caffeinated beverages, but also wanted a good tasting healthy alternative without all the sugars or artificial flavors.

Bing was first made in very small batches and launched in several Denver-area Farmer’s Markets.  Bing is a delicious and refreshing pick-me-up with all natural-flavors and colors and quickly developed a loyal state-wide customer base. Bing is now available across the country.

Bing Beverages are a lightly carbonated and moderately caffeinated drink made with real Bing cherry juice.  Bing Black is made with Blackberry and Cherry juice and Bing Raz is made with Raspberry and Cherry juice.  The entire Bing family of beverages are enhanced with 5 B-vitamins, Vitamin C and a host of other great ingredients.

Look for Original Bing, Bing Black and Bing Raz in the Produce Department and try one today!


Zing is a victory for sugar substitute shoppers who want perfectly sweet products made with only real ingredients – nothing artificial.  Made with only real ingredients, Zing Stevia Sweetener has the sweetness found in Mother Nature’s stevia plant, which means Zing was born sweet!  Zing is available in to sweetening varieties:  Zing Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener and Zing Baking Blend.

Zing Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener is made with only real ingredients of stevia leaf extract and dextrose.  It contains zero calories per serving and zero artificial ingredients – perfect for sweetening coffee or tea, or sprinkling over fruit.  Available in packets or in an easy-spoon jar.

Zing Baking Blend is a stevia leaf extract and cane sugar blend with only 5 calories per serving.  Use it in recipes to bake delicious golden-brown cakes and cookies with fewer calories.

Try Zing Stevia Sweetener – a taste of sweet excitement.

Look for Zing Stevia Sweetener in the Baking Aisle.

Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane N. Golub

Director In-Store Marketing Programs


BelGioioso Hand-Braided Fresh Mozzarella Cheese is made to order and hand-formed into its unique shape.

Three varieties are available:        Pesto, Zesty and White Truffle Oil.

The Pesto Marinated Braid combines the sweet taste of fresh basil, the nutty flavor of Parmesan and extra virgin olive oil.  Enjoy as a delicious appetizer or add to pasta dishes.

The zesty variety has a slightly spicy and zesty flavor.  Marinated in fresh herbs and extra virgin oil, this braid is perfect as part of an appetizer platter or melted onto pizzas for a spicy twist.

For the White Truffle Oil variety, fresh Mozzarella is marinated with the rich earthy flavors of White Truffle Oil.  Add this variety to pasta salads, top grilled vegetables or serve as a complement to any cheese platter.

BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella is available in the Deli Cheese Case.


Polar DRY was an unapologetically unchildish sparkling refreshment first created by Dennis “Boss” Crowley during Prohibition.

Polar Orange DRY and Polar Pink Grapefruit DRY are made with real juice and twice the carbonation of competitors, creating a crisp and effervescent beverage.

The reinvention of the Polar DRY line is a celebration of Polar’s unique heritage and continued passion for the creation of delicious beverages.

Available in 1 liter, 6 pack of 8 oz. cans and a 12 pack of 12 oz. cans – in both Regular and Diet.

Look for Polar Orange DRY and Polar Pink Grapefruit DRY in the Carbonated Beverages section.

Farm to Fork…..

Written By: Ellie Wilson, MS, RD  Senior Nutritionist, Price Chopper Supermarkets

Shushan Valley Hydro FarmShushan Valley Hydro Farm

Phyllis and Wayne Underwood

I have spoken with a many of our farmers, and have been amazed at the different ways that people arrive at becoming a farmer. Some have arrived via the traditional route of being raised on the farm and developing an inherent love of the work, and some worked their way into it by working for other farmers. The Underwoods are unique in their journey – they arrived at hydroponic farming via a trip to Disney.

Last Friday was a perfect summer day, and our dietetic intern Gaby and I made our way to Shushan Valley Hydro Farm, along the back roads of Saratoga and Washington counties. Nestled in a pretty hollow on a dirt road, Phyllis and Wayne purchased their family farm in 1979, to fulfill Wayne’s dream of dairy farming. They found it rewarding, but also a hard industry to be successful in. They changed gears in 1986 – pursued different work, and took their family to Disney in 1990. There, they did what was called “The Backyard Tour” which showcased the old/young field of modern hydroponics, and the idea began to simmer. (Epcot has an experimental farm that they offer as a ride/tour, and it is really exciting to see if you are a farm fan or foodie – my son and I loved it.)  Fast forward to 1995 – they started building their hydro farm, and were in production by 1996. Their children, both adults now, are true second generation farmers, and still work with their parents.

vine ripe tomatoesShushan Valley Hydro is a year round operation, focusing on fragrant, delicious fresh basil plants in the herb house, as well as dill, parsley, cilantro, and rosemary. They grow beautiful vine tomatoes that are also in our stores most of the year. The vines will keep producing if they are managed correctly, and they keep growing in length also – the average tomato vine is over 40 feet long! They also started cucumbers this year, and they are beautiful.

Operating year round in our climate means there are costs – energy costs in particular. Farmers are thrifty folk, and they pursued sustainability as technology became available. In particular, they converted to LED growing lights and saw a significant savings. Hydroponic farming has some inherent aspects of sustainability built in – it can be located in the country or the city, and it is very water smart. Technology also helps ensure the hot houses can be managed for temperature, as the large fans on the end of the row opened up and turned on while we were walking by. This translates to each square foot being able to produce a substantial amount of food. Like all of our farmers, Shushan Valley Hydro Farm is GAP certified, which means they build food safety into all of their work, so we can bring you the highest quality, most delicious local produce. Like all of the farmers I have met so far, they also work with the food pantry, supporting better nutrition in their community.Shushan basil

Phyllis is really happy to see people looking for local produce and getting excited about eating it. Her pesto recipe is renowned, and here for you to enjoy.

Phyllis Underwood’s Shushan Valley Pesto

2 cups Shushan Valley Basil

2 cloves garlic

½ cup pine nuts

½ cup grated parmesan cheese

1/3 – 1/2 cup olive oil

Sea salt and fresh pepper to taste

Combine basil, garlic, and pine nuts in a food processor add oil as needed to process in to a pourable consistency. Then add cheese, salt and pepper.

Serve with your favorite pasta, add some shrimp or fish – quick simple but delicious meal. Pesto is great as a topping for chicken and pork, or sliced tomatoes and other fresh veggies!

With the addition to Growler Stations to some of our capital region stores, we are happy to invite you to tastings throughout the month of July featuring 21st Amendment Brewery, Blue Point Brewing Company, and Druthers Brewing Company.

21st Amendment Brewery is based out of San Francisco, California and started in 2000 by Shaun O’Sullivan and Nico Feccia. 21st Amendment Brewery’s goal is to rebuild the culture lost during prohibition, one beer at a time.

Blue Point Brewing Company is located on Long Island in New York and is named after the favorite oysters of Queen Victoria. Their goal is to continue to brew beer their fans want to drink.

Druthers Brewing Company is located in Saratoga Springs, New York and they are driven by rewarding those who live grandly and honestly with good beer. Make sure to check out their new brewpub on 1053 Broadway, Albany, New York!

Ommegang Brewery located in Copperstown, New York was built in 1997 on what used to be a hop farm. Their Ommegang Summer of Love Tour Bus, will make a stop at Market 32 in Clifton Park to highlight their new Hopstate NY American Pale Ale made with hops only grown in New York State!

All attendees must be at least 21. Check below for times and locations of these tasting events!

21st Amendment

July 17th -21st Amendment Brewery featuring Hell or High Watermelon

4-6pm Market 32 in Wilton, NY
6:30-8:30pm Saratoga, NY (Route 50 Store)

July 18th-21st Amendment Brewery featuring Hell or High Watermelon

12-2pm Malta, NY
3-5pm Market 32 in Clifton Park, NY

July 19th-21st Amendment Brewery featuring Hell or High Watermelon

12-2pm Market Bistro in Latham, NY
3-5pm Slingerlands, NY

blue point
July 24th– Blue Point Brewing Company featuring Blue Point Summer Ale

4-7pm Malta, NY
4-7pm Market 32 in Clifton Park, NY
4-7pm Market 32 in Wilton, NY

July 25th– Blue Point Brewing Company featuring Blue Point Summer Ale

12-3pm Saratoga, NY (Route 50 Store)
12-3pm Market Bistro in Latham, NY
12-3pm Slingerlands, NY


July 30th- Ommegang Summer of Love Tour featuring Hopstate NY

11am-12pm Market 32 in Clifton Park

July 30th-Druthers Brewing Company featuring All-In IPA

3-5pm Saratoga, NY (Route 50 Store)
5:30-7:30pm Malta, NY

July 31st-Druthers Brewing Company featuring All-In IPA

3-5pm Market 32 in Wilton, NY
5:30-7:30pm Market 32 in Clifton Park, NY

August 1st-Druthers Brewing Company featuring All-In IPA 

12-2pm Market Bistro in Latham, NY
2:30-4:30pm  Slingerlands, NY



Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane N. Golub

Director In-Store Marketing Programs


Rachael Ray Zero Grain Dog FoodWhat’s good for some pets isn’t good for all pets.  That’s why Rachael Ray Nutrish offers a special line of dry dog food recipes for pets that show signs of being sensitive to certain food or for pet parents looking to feed a diet that excludes certain ingredients that are found in traditional pet foods.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain dry dog food recipes are made with simple natural ingredients, like real meat or salmon, which is always the number one ingredient, combined with wholesome vegetables.  And there are zero grains, glutens or fillers and zero poultry by-product meal.

Available in three varieties:  Turkey & Potato Recipe, Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe and new Beef with Bison Recipe.  Best of all, Rachael’s personal proceeds from sales of Nutrish help shelter animals in need.

Look for Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Dry Dog Food in the Pet aisle.

                             TOM’S OF MAINE NATURAL BABY CARE LINE

Carefully selected natural ingredients – no phthalates, parabens or phenoxyethanolToms of Maine

  • Formulated for gentle yet effective cleansing and care
  • No artificial colors, fragrance or preservatives
  • All products are pediatrician tested and hypoallergenic
  • Shampoo and Wash are tear-free and gentle enough for everyday use
  • Lotion is a non-greasy formula precisely formulate with Aloe and Shea Butter to soothe

baby’s delicate skin

  • Diaper Cream helps treat and prevent diaper rash by sealing out wetness
  • Sunscreen has a broad spectrum SPF 30 Water Resistant (80 minutes)

Tom’s of Maine Shampoo and Wash, both Fragrance Free and Scented, Lotion, both Fragrance Free and Scented, Diaper Cream and Sunscreen are available in the Baby Care aisle

Farm to Fork…….

Written By: Ellie Wilson, MS, RD  Senior Nutritionist, Price Chopper Supermarkets

Plainville Farm – Hadley, MA

On a lovely Saturday morning in late June I made my way through the beautiful farmland of northern Massachusetts. I found myself driving behind some tractors and wagons, and then stumbled on to the University of Massachusetts Amherst farm, which is operated by the agricultural college and is a tremendous resource to local farmers. Right down the road, I met Walter Czajkowski from Plainville Farm.

Walter’s father was a farmer, and all 5 of his siblings were the farm help growing up. Only he and one brother remained in farming, and they operate separate farms that are very close to each other. Walter, the 3rd generation, started his own farm in 1974, after obtaining his Logodegree in plants and soil at Amherst. He employs 12 people full time – with 180 acres, the work is never done. I met Lesviah, the packing house manager, and Walter’s wife Mary, who was documenting the early harvest by field that morning – an important part of farming work for traceability. She shared some great recipes we will offer as we ramp up harvest. Their modern packing house was built in 2008 – a major investment for the farm, and an important part of what the Price Chopper team looks for in our farmer partners, as well as GAP certification – it all speaks to great quality and food safety practices.

This is Plainville’s first year with Price Chopper. When I asked Walter why they partnered with us, he shared that they had come to a meeting for growers over the winter, and “Price Chopper wowed us”, so they signed on. In particular, Price Chopper’s transportation system helps him by reducing how much time he spends getting produce to the market, which he feels serves the customer, the farmer and Price Chopper in a most efficient way. He felt it was a great, sustainable model.

His favorite part of farming is being outside. Walter plants what he likes to eat, and what is really suited to the land he farms – squash blossomswe will have sweet corn, summer squash, and maybe broccoli from Plainville.  He also grows what the market demands – cucumbers and shallots, summer squash and bunch beets. Butternut squash is a major crop for his farm also, and part of their logo. We drove all over to the different fields, and saw plants in all different stages. We also saw some of the rye they grow to maintain and improve the soil between plantings over the winter.

I asked Walter what he felt was a game changer for farming, and he shared zone tilling – moving soil around as little as possible, so it is healthier, and not lost to wind or water. He is happy to see people eating more heBaby broccolialthfully and eating more produce. Help people try foods, and offer them familiar items in new ways – like roasting or grilling asparagus, his personal favorite, and you will help them eat more fruits and vegetables. Farmers and dietitians have a lot in common when it comes to promoting produce! We will keep in touch with Plainville Farm and share updates!

We’ve got a whole new look!

In addition to renovating our stores, pricechopper.com got its own makeover!  It is now easier to navigate and has a fresh new look.  If you are interested in Shops4U, prescription refills or wish to order cakes and platters, it’s just a click away with the Online Ordering link, now located in the upper right hand corner next to Coupons and My AdvantEdge. It’s now easier than ever to get AdvantEdge savings with easy email sign up at the bottom of every page. new home screen

The Market 32 website has officially be launched! Here you will find links to featured departments, the weekly flyer, Market 32 promotions and access to your personal information like My AdvantEdge, saved AdvantEdge e-coupons and shopping lists.  You can browse through pictures of the stores, join the Market 32 social network and read about Market 32 news. You can even post your own pictures to the Gallery, either through the submit an entry link or by using #Market32 on Instagram and Twitter. You can easily access this new site by clicking on the Market 32 logo in the upper left hand corner on pricechopper.com or directly through market32.com from your browser.

We have also updated our look in print!  Focusing on customer wants and needs is the most critical element of the Market 32 rebranding process and is why we have completely revamped our weekly flyer for Price Chopper and Market 32. The new look includes a layout that is more like a magazine than a newspaper, will still offer all of the great deals you are used to, and should make planning your weekly shopping trip simpler. The smaller size is easier to read and features larger pictures of all your favorite products, making it easier to find the best deals each week.  The new format also applies to the e-version on the website with larger product images and clearer product descriptions. Below you will find an image of the new and improved flyer, make sure to keep an eye out for it in your Sunday paper!

new flyermarket 32 flyer blog

Keep checking back if for up to date information about all that we are changing to make shopping with us a piece of cake!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our customer service team available Monday-Friday 8:30 am-7 pm and Saturday and Sunday 10 am – 4 pm, 1-800-666-7667.

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