Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane N. Golub
Director In-Store Marketing Programs

CHARMIN SAPPHIREcharmin6ultrasoftmega352

  • Looking for softness?  Choose new Ultra Soft, the most comforting Ultra Soft design with new Comfort Cushions.
  • Looking for strength?  Choose new Ultra Strong, the most advanced Ultra Strong design.
  • Both Ultra Soft and Ultra Strong now have more absorbing fibers* where you need them most and as always, you can use up to 4X less than the leading bargain brand. (*per square inch)
  • Look for Charmin Sapphire on the Paper aisle!


                Beneful Prepared Meals and Beneful Medleys brand wet dog food are made with wholesome ingredients you can see and delicious flavors your buddy is sure to love.

And now – introducing new Beneful Chopped BlendsTM – a whole new Beneful wet food experience to add to the world of delicious possibilities.

Available in three flavors:

  • Beef, carrots, peas & barley
  • Chicken, carrots, peas & rice
  • Lamb, carrots, rice, tomato & spinach

Look for Beneful Chopped Blends in the Pet Food aisle.

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