Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane N. Golub
Director In-Store Marketing Programs


New!  Johnsonville Grillers are big, juicy, gourmet burgers with Extraordinary Flavor!

Available in 3 delicious flavors:

  • Cheddar & Bacon Grillers – made with only premium cuts of pork, Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese and real bacon flavor.
  • Italian Grillers – made with only quality ingredients like fresh pork, combined with a unique blend of herbs and spices for a juicy robust Italian flavor every time.
  • Swiss & Mushroom – made with only premium cuts of pork, Swiss Cheese and mushroom flavor.

Johnsonville Grillers are better than your ordinary burger!  Look for Johnsonville Grillers in the Frozen Meat case.


Pillsbury introduces a tasty portable answer to your family’s morning breakfast rush – New Heat-N-Go Minis!  Heat-N-Go Minis are available in three AU3886074.ashxdelicious varieties – Blueberry Pancakes, Maple Burst’n Pancakes and Maple Madness Waffles.  Heat-N-Go Minis come in a convenient single-serve microwavable pouch that goes from freezer to plate in JUST 30 SECONDS.  Heat-N-Go Minis are the perfect combination of taste and convenience that Mom needs for the morning rush.

Pick up Pillsbury Heat-N-Go Minis in the Frozen Breakfast aisle today!

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