New Cakes at the Price Chopper Bakery!

Written by: Jay Mandrillo, Director of Bakery Sales & Merchandising

Are you a cake lover?  Do you like trendy flavors and exciting designs?  If you’re looking to try something different than the everyday cake, visit your local Price Chopper Bakery department today and indulge in a new cake experience!  Whether you are looking for a cake for two or twenty, we have all the varieties, colors and flavors you can imagine.  Dessert, decorated, round, square, layered and sheets, we have the cake you crave.   If you’re not sure what you like, ask one of our professional decorators for a sample!


Three Layer Triple Chocolate Cake

Ombre Coral Double Layer Cake

Ombre Coral Double Layer Cake


Check out some of our new varieties below!

  • The 7th Heaven
  • Cannoli Dream
  • Strawberry Duet
  • Traditional Golden Fudge 7 Layer cake
  • Chocolate 5 Layer Cake
  • 6 Layer Rainbow Cake
  • Gateau Rouge
  • Chocolate Salted Caramel Gateau
  • Opera Torte
  • Cherry Yogurt Cream Cheese Delight
  • New York Style Cream Cheese Cheesecake


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