Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs


Introducing the NEW Milk-Bone Good Morning Daily Vitamin Treats!

Tastes like a treat – works like a Vitamin.

New Milk-Bone Good Morning Daily Vitamin Treats provide dogs with a specially formulated blend of nutrients that are not found in most dog foods.

Available in the following varieties:Milk-Bone-Dog-Treats vitamins

-Total Wellness

-Healthy Joints

-Healthy Aging

Look for Milk-Bone Good Morning Daily Vitamin Treats in the Pet Aisle


At General Mills, they believe Cheerios should be enjoyed by everyone.  Currently, 1% of the population is celiac and as much as 30% of the population is avoiding gluten.  They felt it was important for them to remove gluten from Cheerios so that these large groups could enjoy Cheerios too.

General Mills also wants what matters to go into their products and by removing stray wheat, rye and barley, they are delivering a more pure version of Cheerios.cheerios gluten free

So, this Fall, Yellow Box Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, MultiGrain Cheerios, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios and Frosted Cheerios will all be going gluten-free.  Just look for the special seal.

As a dedicated Gluten-Free facility, General Mills has created a process that allows them to remove the wheat, rye and barley from the oats they purchase, making Cheerios gluten-free.

Best of all, all Cheerios flavors will have the same great taste that they have always had!

Look for Gluten-Free Cheerios in the Cereal aisle.

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