Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs

October 16, 2016

DEVOUR FROZEN ENTREESdevour-frozen-entrees

NEW Devour Frozen Entrees are food you want to eat!

Their entrees are made with real, indulgent ingredients such as Applewood smoked bacon, blue cheese, premium white meat chicken and creamy basil pesto sauce.  No more bland, sad or small frozen meals here.

Devour gives you a delicious meal and fills you up; with an appropriate portion.  Devour Frozen Entrees will leave your mouth watering wondering why you ate any other frozen meal than Devour!

Pick up Devour today in the Frozen Entrée aisle in one of their eight varieties:

  1. White Cheddar Macon Mac & Cheese
  2. Crispy Chicken and Waffles
  3. Three Meat Deep Dish Pizza
  4. Chicken Enchilada Suiza
  5. Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese
  6. Pesto Ravioli with Italian Sausage
  7. Alfredo Lasagna with Bacon
  8. Italian Sausage Lasagna

Which one will become your favorite?

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