Jane’s New Items


Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs

November 6, 2016


Introducing new Splenda Naturals, a new stevia sweetener from the makers of Splenda.  The next generation of stevia products, Naturals is a great tasting natusplendanaturals_80ct_516ral no calorie sweetener with just 3 natural ingredients.  There is no bitter aftertaste and nothing artificial.

Splenda Naturals is different than the leading stevia brand because it gets its delicious taste from Rebiana-D, a special extract of the stevia leaf.  This provides a clean sugar like taste without the bitterness.

Naturals also contain the natural ingredients Stevia Reb A and Erythritol.

Stevia Reb A are high intensity sweeteners found in the stevia leaf and what is commonly used in the market today.

Erythritol is used as a bulking agent to enable pouring and sprinkling.  It’s found naturally in fruit, but processed through a fermentation process similar to beer and bread.

Splenda Naturals is a zero calorie sweetener for beverage, cooking and baking.   There are no GMO ingredients and no added flavors.

Look for Splenda Naturals in the Baking Aisle.

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