Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs

January 14, 2018


SIMPLY AVOCADO is a new family of products from the leader of Avocado based dips and spreads – Wholly Guacamole.

SIMPLY AVOCADO lets you open and enjoy delicious avocado based spreads with no hassle or mess.  Have you ever cut into a fresh avocado and it was either not ripe or too ripe and already turning brown?  SIMPLY AVOCADO solves this problem and delivers ripe and ready to enjoy fresh chunky avocado without the strong spices that make avocado a guacamole.Simply Avocado

SIMPLY AVOCADO offers you ripe, great tasting avocado year around, enhanced with simple ingredients like Sea Salt, Garlic Herb and Roasted Red Pepper.  The flavor simplicity creates usage versatility and makes a great spread, topping, dip or perfect on its own!  Make your own Avocado Toast by adding SIMPLY AVOCADO to your choice of an artisan bread and top with your favorite veggies, cheese, nuts or eggs.

Find SIMPLY AVOCADO in the Dips and Dressings section of the Produce Department.

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