Discover Cayman Jack!

How are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Discover Cayman Jack Margaritas and Cuban Mojitos! Make it simple with these handcrafted drinks, made with real cane sugar and lime juice. You can try these premium malt beverages this weekend at one of our locations below!

Store Number Location State Event Date Event Time
39 Wilton Market 32 NY 5-May 2PM-4PM
1 Eastern Parkway NY 5-May 2:15-4:15PM
112 Clifton Shoppers World Market 32 NY 4-May 12PM-2PM
12 Johnstown NY 4-May 4:15PM-6:45PM
140 Pittsfield Market 32 MA 4-May 12PM-2PM
157 Granville NY 5-May 12PM-2PM
168 Plattsburgh Market 32 NY 5-May 12PM-2PM
181 Hudson Valley Plz Market 32 NY 5-May 12PM-2PM
184 Malta NY 5-May 11AM-1PM
191 Niskayuna NY 5-May 12PM-2PM
23 Madison Ave Market 32 NY 5-May 12PM-2PM
245 Watervliet NY 5-May 12PM-2PM
40 Glen St NY 5-May 5PM-7PM
250 Clifton Park Plaza Market 32 NY 4-May 3PM-5PM

Enjoying Cayman Jack Margaritas at your Cinco De Mayo party?

Well, you can’t have a party without delicious food dishes. Pair these margaritas with tasty party appetizers like bean and seven-layer dips. They also complement salad, especially those featuring fresh berries, and even entrees such as chicken, shrimp, and vegetable kabobs. Try them with this recipe for Strawberry and Goat Cheese Salad or these Baja Citrus Marinated Shrimp & Vegetable Kabobs and rest assured knowing your Cinco De Mayo celebration will be a success!

We also love Cayman Jack Cuban Mojitos! An all-natural concoction inspired by bartenders all the way in Havana. If this refreshing beverage is part of your Cinco De Mayo, we recommend enjoying some fajitas, chips n’ salsa, or pollo asado to go along with it. Check out these Sizzling Fajitas with your choice of seasoned steak or chicken. Along with that, you will find some big fans of this Southwest-style recipe for Black Bean and Corn Salsa paired with your favorite tortilla chip.

Turn your Cinco De Mayo into the ultimate fiesta with these handcrafted drinks from Cayman Jack, perfectly paired with the most cheerful meals. Stop by your local Price Chopper of Market 32 to find everything you need to make the most of the festivities.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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