Earth Day and the Secret Benefits of Gardening

Flower Garden

Earth Day reminds us that every living thing needs care and attention. We can each do our part to protect it and our natural resources by taking care of our own patch of world. Gardening is a great way to get active and reduce stress. Small or large, your garden can decorate your world with beautiful colors, soothe with aromatherapy, and deliver delicious inspiration and nutrition. There are also some less obvious health attributes.

Learn 3 ways your garden brings you benefits…

  1. Gardening is a mood booster. Fresh air, no screens… just you, your plants and the dirt. Even the act of weeding, the least favorite part of gardening for most people, brings its own satisfaction when you see how much you have accomplished, and order restored.
  2. Soaking up some sunshine, (after applying your sunscreen!), helps your body produce Vitamin D. In turn, Vitamin D helps your body absorb and use calcium more efficiently.
  3. Tugging on weeds and digging holes helps you build and maintain muscles. Weight bearing exercise, like gardening, helps your body deposit calcium and strengthen bones. 

Our Floral Team…

Our Floral Team loves to bring color and plants into your life, and they have great high quality seed displays in stores to explore. Find old favorites and new inspirations, then get your seeds started so you are ready to dig when the weather warms up.

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