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Written by Jane N. Golub
Director In-Store Marketing Programs


Since 1958, the Valente family has been serving traditional Italian food at its namesake restaurant in Upstate New York.  many of their recipes were created by Nadine Valente, the family matriarch, who was born in Silvi Marina, a coastal village overlooking the Adriatic Sea in central Abruzzo, Italy.  Valente’s has always strived to use ingredients that are fresh and full-flavored when creating their original recipes and are committed to providing their customers with a delightful culinary experience.

Their award winning, Three Little Pigs Macaroni and Cheese, is made in the “Nadine Tradition” using the finest and freshest ingredients: Three very special Italian Prok products-Pancetta, Sopresatta and Prosciutto (hence Three Little Pigs) and three of Italy’s most famous and sought after cheeses-Marscarpone, Pecorino-Romano and Aged Provolone. 

Look for Valente’s Three Little Pigs Macaroni and Cheese in the Frozen Food aisle of the Price Chopper stores in the Greater Capital District area.


Being earth-friendly couldn’t be sweeter!  Florida Crystals understand the importance of making a positive lasting impact on our communities and the world around us. 

We take pride in our quality pure cane sugar products and we maintain green business practices-like our eco-friendly farming and clean renewable energy production.  In fact, Florida Crystals Organic and Natural Sugars are the first American sugar products to be Carbonfree certified by Carbonfund.org.  And now, their fine family of product comes in NEW  recyclable packaging!

Look for Florida Crystals in the Natural/Organic Baking aisle.

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  1. alanudi
    at 12:17 pm

    Hi is this still available? Nobody at Price Chopper will give me an answer, they think I’m crazy for even asking 😛
    Please help! This is the best Mac ever, and I can’t find it 🙁

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