Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane Golub

Director In-Store Marketing Programs

June 26, 2016


MYLANTA – Three New Flavors

Try new Mylanta Liquid Antacid/Antigas

  • New look, new easy-to-use packaging
  • New great-tasting smooth flavors
  • Maximum strength, multi-symptom relief
    • Classic (original Mint) Flavor
    • Tonight soothing Honey-Chamomile Flavor
  • Each unit includes measured dosage cup

Try new Mylanta Gas Antigas Mini-Tablets

  • Fast and discreet relief whenever and wherever symptoms occur
  • Chewable, great tasting, coated mini-tablet in multiple flavors
  • Plastic re-closable pocket-pack container
  • Great Mint flavor – 50 Count

Find Mylanta in the Antacid/Laxative aisle


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