Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs

June 4, 2017


Caramel is the fastest growing flavor segment in candy.  M&M’s Caramel is the biggest launch in M&M’s history!

M&M’s Caramel is available in a resealable candy pouch.m&m'scaramelcandy

It took Mars Chocolate years of development to perfect this “soft center” technology inside the iconic M&M’s brand.

M&M’s Caramel single (1.41 oz.), Share Size (2.83 oz.) and Sharing Size (9.6 oz.) can all be found on the Front End registers or in Candy aisles.  Caramel Singles will be available in late June.

M&M’s Caramel purchase intent scores were OUTSTANDING – the highest of any M&M’s Brand variety ever!  M&M’s Caramel will become a permanent item in their portfolio.

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