National Waffle Day! Get Your Waffle On!

Let’s start the waffle tour….

What is a Stroopwafels?

We begin our tour in the Netherlands where “stroopwafels” are the waffle of choice. Stroopwafels are big, flat, syrup-filled waffles that originated in Gouda. Eating them as they come provides an extra crunchy treat. Otherwise you can use them to cover your scorching hot mug of coffee, allowing the steam to warm and soften the waffle to create a melty, gooey center.

The Belgian Waffle

Let’s move on to a classic: The Belgian waffle. These waffles have deep grooves for all the fruit, whipped cream, butter, chocolate, or *insert your topping of choice here* your heart desires. In Belgium, waffles were made back in the Middle Ages, and sold as street-side snacks outside of churches. To this day they are often eaten on-the-go and sold on street carts.

Chicken and Waffles

Fried Chicken on Waffle

In America, we serve a combination of absolute perfection called chicken and waffles. The sweet and salty pairing is perfect for any time of the day. Chicken and waffles is undoubtedly a southern dish, but was actually made famous in the 1930s at a Harlem restaurant called Well’s Supper Club.

Let’s go to Scandinavia

Rosettes are crispy Scandinavian waffles. Often making an appearance at US fairs and festivals, they are a crispy, deep-fried treat that can only be made with the use of a specific iron. Boiling hot oil is used to heat the iron, then it’s dipped into cake mix before being put back into scorching hot oil to create the brittle shell. Rosettes are topped with powdered sugar or icing.

Grab a Taiyaki

Taiyaki Waffle

Japan features another grab-and-go waffle called “Taiyaki”. It might seem strange at first, as it’s shaped like a fish, served hot, and stuffed with red bean filling. However, the red bean filling offers a very sweet taste and is also used in cookies and other desserts. In Japan, the method you use to begin eating your Taiyaki reveals your personality!

The Best for Last…..

Finally, we should give a mention to the “egg waffle”. Traditionally eaten in Hong Kong, the egg waffle is a light, doughy, fluffy treat. It’s often stuffed with ice cream, making it quite the extravagant eating experience, and one of the most intriguing food options on our list.

So quit your waffling (how can we resist?) and make your way to your local Price Chopper/Market 32. We have everything you need to enjoy International Waffle Day the right way, from our PICS Frozen Waffles, to home.grown. waffle mixes and more.

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Peace and happy waffle day!

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