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What’s New for you at PriceChopper/Market 32

Stop into your local PriceChopper/Market 32 and try some of our new PICS items! We offer great quality and variety at reasonable prices. To learn more about our Own Brands line of food, visit Learn More About Our Brands

Looking for a Northeast twist on an old favorite? Introducing our new Market 32 Maple Glazed Ham. We took our classic Market 32 Off the Bone Ham and added a sweet, bold Maple Glaze. Pair with our creamy Swiss cheese and some deli mustard for a satisfying sweet and tangy snack or sandwich. Our Market 32 Deli Sliced Meats contain only the highest quality ingredients, and we never add MSG, so you’ll always get a great fresh bite. Try some today in our Deli department.

Market 32 Maple Glazed Ham

Introducing PICS Deli Sandwich and Steak Sandwich Rolls. These premium rolls are the perfect beginning to your sandwich creation – meats, cheeses, veggies and spreads – the menu is endless. These delicious rolls can be found in the bread aisle.

PICS Deli Sandwich & Steak Rolls
PICS Kettle Corn

Our four new PICS Kettle Corn varieties are lightly sweetened and salted to perfection. Honey BBQ, Spicy Jalapeno, Apple Pie, Sweet & Salty – all four are absolutely worth a try – each of the tasty flavors will add a pop to your day! These deliciously sweet and savory snacks are perfect for the office, at home, during movies and on the go.

PICS Raw Creamed Honey

Our PICS Raw Creamed Honey brings the goodness of Mother Nature directly to your table! This honey is straight from the beehive, gently strained then packaged with honey’s inherent pollen, antioxidants and enzymes. PICS Raw Creamed Honey naturally crystallizes and becomes a spreadable delight, perfect for your toast, muffin or cheese board. It will magically melt into your hot tea and a spoonful will soothe your sore throat. You can find this great tasting product in the honey/syrup aisle.

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