PICS Kettle Popcorn-New Item

February 10, 2019

PICS Kettle Popcorn

Have you seen our new PICS Kettle Corn?   The four varieties are lightly sweetened and salted to perfection.

Honey BBQ Flavor – Wow! That sweet-sweet irresistible taste of honey combined with that savory blend of BBQ. Go ahead and snuggle up on the couch with that special pics7kettlecornhoneybbqsomeone; the aromatic smell and succulent taste of honey & BBQ is delightful and enchanting; This flavor will definitely ”bee” a home-run during home movie date night; every golden fluffed kernel is bursting with the sweetness of Honey and the sharpness of Barbecue  – gluten free, who needs a grill!

Spicy Jalapeno – Whoa! The Spice is Right!  This flavor is designed to leave an everlasting thrill to your palate.  With just the right amount of heat and hint of sugar added to those fluffy, golden popped whole grain kernels, this flavor will definitely impact spicy lovers around the world. 0 trans-fat; the heat is on!

Apple Pie – Mmmm! This flavor will make you feel like you’re back home at grandma’s house; a perfect blend of apple seasoning sprinkled across each pleasantly crisp popped kernel; definitely a taste of home; once you munch down on these crunchy, premium quality, pure, superior, nut free flavored pops you will fall madly in love and live apple-y ever after!

pics7kettlecornapplepieSweet & Salty – Oh My Goodness! A little bit of sweet mixed with a lil’ bit of salt; what a perfect kettle corn combination; this blend is definitely quintessential – why ask for anything more!  The sugary coated sweetness creates an excessively sentimental meld to this popcorn; the crispness of these popped kernels coupled with sea salt makes this kettle corn exemplary! Low carbs, low calorie, go ahead and grab them handful!

All four are absolutely worth a try – each of the tasty flavors will add a pop to your day!

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